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If being thought generous is more important than being generous, if gaining a reputation for prayerfulness is more important to us than praying when no one but God is listening, if fasting is something in which we engage only if we can disingenuously talk about it, then these acts of piety become acts of impiety.

The fundamental way to check out how sound we are in each of these areas is to perform these acts so quietly that none but God knows we are doing them.

From D A Carson’s meditation on Matthew 6.

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A few years back I read a passing comment that the Epistle of James has a lot of similarities with Jesus’ teaching, specifically the Sermon on the Mount.  I started to make a list of connections, only to find that Donald Guthrie had already done it.  Not only that, but Dan Wallace posted Guthrie’s table in his introduction to James’ letter.  I thought I’d post it below for those who are interested.   


Joy in the midst of trials Matt. 5:10-12
1:4 Exhortation to perfection Matt. 5:48
1:5 Asking for good gifts Matt. 7:7ff.
1:20 Against anger

Matt. 5:22

1:22 Hearers and doers of the Word Matt. 7:24ff.
2:10 The whole law to be kept Matt. 5:19
2:13 Blessings of mercifulness Matt. 5:7
3:18 Blessings of peacemakers Matt. 5:9
4:4 Friendship of the world as enmity against God Matt. 6:24
4:11-12 Against judging others Matt. 7:1-5
5:2ff. Moth and rust spoiling riches Matt. 6:19
5:10 The prophets as examples Matt. 5:12
5:12 Against oaths

Matt. 5:33-37

There are more connections between James’ letter and Jesus’ teachings, but there is a particularly strong connection with the Sermon on the Mount.  I’ve said multiple times that James’ letters sounds the most like Jesus of all the NT writers, and this chart provides some strong evidence of this.  Any guesses why this is so?

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