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Cousin Jeremy has posted the latest Christian Carnival.  Go check it out to see what all is out there.

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Christian Carnival 286

Just letting everyone know that the latest Christian Carnival is up and running, including my post from yesterday and a bunch of other good stuff.  Go check it out when you get the chance.

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Christian Carnival CCLXIX

Christian Carnival CCLXIX is up at Participatory Bible Study Blog, including our post on Pentecost.  Enjoy.

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For the first time, we here at BBG are proudly hosting the Christian Carnival, with a special Bostonian flare.  The Carnival is a collection of posts from around the blogosphere regarding a variety of topics written from a Christian viewpoint.  Without further ado, here are the posts with a tour of our fine city (note: I’ll admit the connections are tenuous at times.  I also would have included pictures, but I don’t have time to take them myself and I’m not sure about the legality of taking them off the internet.  You’ll have to live with links, instead).

Taking a walk on State St, visit your financial adviser

Okay, let’s be honest.  Right now, the Financial District probably isn’t the most upbeat place to visit in Boston.  But, while you’re there, you can check these posts out.

FMF presents Tithe Rap posted at Free Money Finance, which “features funny tithe rap my church recently showed.”

ChristianPF presents Sound Mind Investing Handbook Review posted at Christian Personal Finance. “This is a great book for Christians who want to get started investing…”

Scoping out the singles scene downtown

Depending on the outcome of your financial visit, you may feel like celebrating.  So put on your swankiest clothes and hit some of the hot spots downtown.  While you’re at it, check this out:

Martin Roth presents Online Christian dating services: boom in a recession – Christian Counseling Services posted at Christian Counseling Services. “The recession is having a surprising impact – it is leading to a boom in business for online dating services.”

Let’s be honest, Boston is for history buffs

While in Boston, you have to hit the Freedom Trail at least once.  It’s an important piece of American history, including some interesting religious sites, such as Park Street Church and the Old North Church (of “One if by land, two if by sea” fame).  Here is where you’ll encounter some thoughts on history and faith (and of course, some politics for good measure).

Mark Olson presents Looking Back at the March Forward posted at Pseudo-Polymath.  “Some thoughts on The New Testament canon and its formation.”

Shannon Christman presents That Old-Time Religion: Not Good Enough for Me posted at The Minority Thinker.  “Even a well loved Sunday school song can have questionable theology.”

Paul Gable presents May 18, Treatment for American Angst posted at Brushfires of Freedom Warm Hearts and Move Minds.

Take a trip down Boylston St (walk, don’t drive)

The Boston Public Library is one of the finest libraries in America, or so I hear.  If nothing else, you can get a book review or two.

Susan presents Book Review: Same kind of different as me posted at Abooklook.  “Same kind of different as me is a moving account of a deep friendship forged by God to powerfully demonstrate the power of love and forgiveness.”

Your carnival host here at BBG reviewed Ian Boxall’s commentary on Revelation in a post called… well… Book Review: The Revelation of Saint John by Ian Boxall.  Very clever.  I spent almost as much time coming up with that title as I have coming up with the theme of this Carnival.

On your way to the Sox game, stop and chat with the guy with the sandwich board sign

Outside of every Red Sox home game there’s a guy with a sandwich board passing out tracts.  Normally they consist of pictures of people burning in hell.  I admire the guy’s willingness to share, even if I’d do it slightly differently.  Anyway, onto some thoughts on evangelism (note: I looked for a better evangelism connection, but this guy is honestly the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Boston & street evangelism).

Michelle presents Jeremiah 1:4-10 posted at Thoughts and Confessions of a Girl Who Loves Jesus….

Diane R presents Are We Giving Enough Information? posted at Crossroads: Where Faith and Inquiry Meet.  “Are we giving enough information to unbelievers for them to become true Christians?”

Family Friendly Fenway

Okay, I thought long and hard about what comes to mind when you think of family and Boston.  Most would probably say the Children’s Museum.  But, since I’m hosting this carnival, we’re going with my favorite family destination: a Red Sox game at Fenway Park (as long as you don’t sit in the bleachers).  Word of advice: I know that Fenway Franks are famous, but they’re not as good as advertised.  Get yourself an italian sausage instead.  And visit the Designated Driver booth underneath the seats behind homeplate and promise them you won’t drink and drive.  They’ll give you a free soda.  Thank me later.

Rani presents Prayer of the Week for Children- Birthday posted at Christ’s Bridge.  “Enjoy the new series of children’s prayers.”

Kiesha presents We Need Your Help! Send Our Youth to Cedar Point Amusement Park posted at Highly Favored.

Cross the river and visit the smart people

Across the Charles River is Cambridge, home of MIT and Harvard (and a couple other schools often neglected).  Want to discuss philosophy?  Feel like a good debate on a controversial topic?  Cambridge is as good a place as any to go (but stick with the MIT students, Harvard’s overrated).  NB: Being placed under this category is not a comment on the intelligence level as compared to the other posters in this Carnival; I don’t want to cause controversy in my first hosting job.

Cousin Jeremy presents Solomon, Open Theism, and the Divine Bluff posted at Parableman. “How does Solomon ordering a baby cut in two have anything to do with open theism? A surprising connection between I Kings 3 and arguments for open theism undermines one kind of argument for open theism.”

damascusmoments presents God is back. posted at damascusmoments.

Barry Wallace presents Are you open minded? posted at who am i?. “There’s a time to be open minded, and a time to be close minded.”

Richard H. Anderson presents Hidden Polemics of Divorce posted at dokeo kago grapho soi kratistos Theophilos.

Go Home

Okay, so I was hoping for a little more variety in the posts to show off more areas of Boston.  I guess you’ll just have to visit our fair city and check it all out for yourself.  Thanks to everyone who submitted posts this week.

Submit your blog article to the next edition of christian carnival ii using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Christian Carnival 275

I just wanted to let our reader(s) know that the latest Christian Carnival is up at Minority Thinker, including one of our posts from here at BBG.

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Christian Carnival CCLXXI

Just wanted to let everyone know that the latest Christian Carnival is up over at Fathom Deep.  It features Brian’s comeback post on the Sacraments.  Or Ordinances, whichever you prefer.

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Christian Carnival CCLXX

Just letting everyone know that you can check out Christian Carnival CCLXX.

Included in the carnival is Cousin Jeremy’s post entitled “It’s Not About You.”  I read it this morning and thought it was excellent.  So go check it out.

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Christian Carnival CCLXII

Just letting everyone know that Christian Carnival CCLXII is up over at Participatory Bible Study Blog. 

In case you haven’t figured it out, the Christian Carnival is a collection of posts from around the blogosphere posted once a week (normally on Wednesdays, I think).  Brian and I will attempt to contribute to this on a weekly basis and give you all a heads-up when its posted.  My latest post on prayer in the Sermon on the Mount is included this week.

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Christian Carnival CCLXI

The Christian Carnival is up over at Ignorant Historian.  It includes one of our posts from the last week.  Check it out when you get the chance.

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Hey everyone, I thought I’d let you know that the Christian Carnival CCLIX is up over at Parableman (Cousin Jeremy’s site).  This is a collection of posts from around the blogosphere written by Christians about a variety of topics.  Brian’s 1st post on the Church is included this week.  We’ll try to submit posts to the Carnival on a weekly basis, we encourage our reader(s) to check it out when you get a chance.

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