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I will point out two things about infant baptism in the Bible: When the Bible talks about infants, there is no baptism; and when the Bible talks of baptism, there are no infants.

As told by Ben Witherington in Contact, the Gordon-Conwell alumni magazine.

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5.5.  This post is dedicated to the Boston Bruins.  We don’t expect you to win the Stanley Cup, just don’t embarass our city.

5. Monergism has put up 33 lectures from Kim Riddlebarger on Amillennialism for free download.  Riddlebarger is one of the more well known defenders of the Amillennial interpretation around, so I highly recommend jumping on this.  I’m not convinced of the position (though I’ll give these lectures a listen) when it comes to Revelation 20, but have great appreciation for the overall structure of Amillennialism.  While I am beginning to think that the Millennium is the single most overrated theological debate in the church today, eschatalogy is incredibly important so download these lectures and see what you think.  (You can also check these out at Riddlebarger’s church website.)

4. Ben Witherington and Peter Leithart recently had a very interesting exchange inspired by Leithart’s recent book, Defending Constantine.  Witherington was generally appreciative, but had some fairly strong critiques in certain parts.  Here is a helpful roundup of the debate and links.  If nothing else this can demonstrate just how hard a debate can be when you have two very different approaches to Scripture.

3. Some time ago I posted a link to Craig Keener’s notes on Biblical Interpretation (which ended up being one of our most popular posts, interestingly enough).  According to his website, Keener will also be posting Bible study notes that would be incredibly helpful for teachers and Bible study leaders.  He currently has 10 studies on the Gospel of Matthew.  Check it out!

2. Rule to live by: any time someone writes a post with the word “anacoluthon” in the title, you have to link to it.

1. Gotta be honest, I really enjoyed Paul Helm’s takedown of N T Wright.  Keep in mind, I like N T Wright, a lot.  But he has this annoying habit of taking potshots at Americans, especially the American church, for reasons that are a bit confusing and, quite frankly, make him look petty.  In this case, he was asked about the recent controversies regarding hell, then proceeded to find a way to poke at Americans in what is, as Helm points out, a series of non-sequitors and incredibly unfair characterizations.  See also Trevin Wax’s measured critique.

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Note: We, along with everyone else in our missions training school, are memorizing Romans 8 this fall semester.  Since our desire is not simply to recite words, but to understand and implement what Paul is teaching in this chapter, we will be periodically posting thoughts, insights or questions from a variety of sources to provoke thoughtful interaction.

Consider these thoughts on the work of the Holy Spirit and how it relates to dealing with sin in our lives.

Not only do Christians have the verdict of “no condemnation” when they convert, they are also empowered by the vivifying presence of the Spirit to walk in newness of life.  The Spirit does not merely convey the Good News.  The Spirit enacts that news in the believer. 

– Ben Witherington w/ Darlene Hyatt, Paul’s Letter to the Romans, p219

… deliverance from the tyranny of sin, effected through the atoning work of Christ, as an experienced ongoing reality, is the work of the indwelling, life-giving Spirit. 

– Gordon Fee, God’s Empowering Presence, p528

So, given what is said here about the role of the Spirit, how should we approach our battle with sin?  How often do we neglect the fact that we have the Spirit of the Living God dwelling within us?  Do we really view the Holy Spirit as the key to implementing the gospel & our deliverance from sin in our daily lives? 

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