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Wanted: Prayer

At the risk of overposting this week (if there is such a thing), I found it convincting running across two different posts regarding prayer in the church this week.  As someone who is not a pastor or elder, but is in a leadership position consisting mostly of Bible teaching, I needed to hear (or read) both of these encouragements.

Thabiti Anyabwile encourages people to pray for their pastors and elders (HT: JT), reminding us of the reality of pastors burning out and leaving the ministry.

On the flip side, over at Koinonia, Dr Clinton Arnold (I’ve previously reviewed his book How We Got the Bible) encourages teachers (I’ll extend it to pastors and other leaders) to follow Paul’s example in Ephesians to pray for their students that they do not fall into the trap of spiritual dryness as they study the Word. 

It’s necessary to remember that both groups are susceptible to burning out and becoming spiritually dry.  Those not in a leadership position cannot assume their pastors and elders exist in a consistent state of on-fireness, in fact the challenges to maintain a consistent yearning for the Lord may be even greater.  Pastors and teachers need to know that their biblically sound teaching and passionate preaching of the Word are no guarantee that those under them will somehow avoid the dry desert periods of life- if Paul’s disciples weren’t guaranteed this, then we shouldn’t expect to be either.

So I find myself burdened (in a good way) to pray even harder for my pastors and for those I teach, and I encourage everyone to do the same.  And I hope that someone out there is praying for me, too.

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