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The Rebuilding of Herod’s Temple

No, this isn’t an eschatological prediction of the Jewish people rebuilding the Temple, reinstituting the sacrificial system or anything like that.  Instead, I’m simply giving you all a link to something I found on Tim Challies’ site today.  A British man has been building a scale model (1:100) of Herod’s Temple for more than 30 years (and isn’t finished).  It’s remarkable what he has done, I highly recommend you take a look at the pictures.

We just finished our section on the gospels in our training schools this week, and talked about Jesus’ Olivet Discourse and the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple.  For many of us, we can’t picture such a place in our minds.  When we read about Jesus driving out the money changers, we’re probably picturing Him walking into our church foyer.  When the disciples remark to Jesus just how impressive the Temple is, we may not completely grasp what they’re saying.  Well, this man’s model gives us a clue.  I’m not sure where he found the time to do all this, but I’m glad he did.

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