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Is Parenting Really That Complicated?

I’ll admit it, I don’t really read too many parenting books.  Or any, for that matter.  That probably stems more from my arrogance than anything else.  But it is, partially, because everyone has a theory and can back up their theory with all sorts of statistics and anecdotes.  They can’t all be right, but they might all be wrong.  My approach has generally been to watch the families I admire and learn from them.

But I loved Kevin DeYoung’s post from yesterday, Parenting 001.  It’s probably the most level-headed thing I’ve read on parenting in quite some time, and highly recommend it.  Did I say “highly?” 

Now, his post deals more with older kids than what I currently have (we have a 2 year old girl and a 5 month old boy), but I can easily apply his thoughts to my situation (again, go read it right now).  I’m thankful for my church community where there are varying styles of parenting babies and toddlers, yet very little pressure from people to do it “their way.”  Among our close circle of friends we have attachment parenting folks, hard core schedulers and everyone in between (of course, we have the perfect balance, right?).  Yet my wife and I have never felt judged by those who choose a different approach than we do.

The fact is that if your kid learns to sleep in a crib from Day 1, or doesn’t leave your bed until Day 1001, chances are it won’t determine your child’s future.  Thankfully, our God is bigger than a parenting philosophy.

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