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…until Harold Camping is either vindicated or proven wrong (again).   As Danny pointed out a few weeks ago, there is a great series of articles written about Camping, and his most recent prediction of Christ’s return at 6p.m. on May 21.  I will not be so rash as to say that Christ is definitely not returning this Saturday, since, biblically speaking, nobody knows but the Father (Mt. 24:36).  If Jesus does return on Saturday, however, Camping’s prediction is the hermeneutic equivalent of hitting the lottery:  it’s not because he interpreted the Bible properly, but because he got lucky.

For an excellent article on why the publicity of Camping’s most recent prediction is cause for grief among believers, and a potential stumbling block for unbelievers, Robert Jeffress has written an excellent article on the subject.  I’d encourage our readers to be at least informally acquainted with this (it’ll take all of 30 minutes to read through all the articles I recommend here).  If it’s making the news, it could be on people’s minds, and might make for a great opportunity to share the truth of the Gospel.

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