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What God Wants

The sermon that I mentioned in the poetry post is available here.

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New Sermon

Continuing my new trend of naming all new posts with the most powerful word in advertising (i.e., “new”), here is a link to the audio file for the sermon I preached at our new church this past Sunday on Psalm 107:4-9.  It’s new.

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Still Alive; Still Not Posting

If for no other reason than to prove that I’m still alive, and haven’t been fired by Danny for my recent, flawlessly executed anti-posting campaign, I thought I’d add a link to show that I’m at least doing something this summer:  Follow this link to a sermon I preached this past Sunday at CFCF.  Note that you can also get CFCF sermons via podcast on iTunes (just search CFCF Boston).  The latter may be the better choice, since you can’t download the sermon on our church’s website, but only listen via a browser plugin.

For extra credit, you can comment on why this post is ironic at best or hypocritical at worst in light of the sermon.

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