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I’ll admit, I’m one tired blogger. I realize most bloggers out there churn out multiple posts a week, but I can barely muster a blog post a week, let alone many blog posts a week that would necessitate a blog (5 points to the person who knows what movie I’m paraphrasing there).  This inability to write decent material is hampered, of course, by the sudden and unannounced disappearance (from the blogosphere, not real life) of my co-blogger, Brian.  Did he give it up for lent?  Not that I’m aware of.  Is he preparing another set of killer two-part posts?  Quite possibly.  Is he hibernating?  Perhaps.  Maybe he’s preparing for a new baby?  Oh wait, that’s me.  Well, either way, what you’re getting right now are some links for our reader(s), because there’s some good stuff out there.

Here’s a quick video of Gordon Fee discussing two authors who have made a significant impact on him.

For my money, the best blogger on the blogosphere is Trevin Wax, who gives a modern twist to C S Lewis’ Screwtape.  Trevin takes on his own denomination, but you can should apply to your own.

Sojourn Music is in the middle of a series of videos (posted every Wednesday) showing a rectangle table discussion between Harold Best, Chip Stam and Mike Cosper.  This week they posted the 5th video (of 8, I believe), you can find the links to the previous 4.  For anyone interested in the intersection of worship, theology and culture (and I can think of a few of you), you’ll find these videos informative.

I’m still debating whether or not to post a follow-up to last week’s post about the TNIV and Bible sales.  In the meantime, I’ve really enjoyed the discussion over at Better Bibles Blog (Making Good Translations Even Gooder) in this post of the relationship between the TNIV Translating Committee and Zondervan, the publisher.  It gives me a lot of confidence in the integrity of the translation team.

I know what you’re thinking.  “Danny, it’s been a while since you told us about free hymns available on the internet.  What gives?”  Well, to take care of your jones for some hymns, check out Buck Buchanan leading worship at Boyce College.  A couple of these are really good.  (HT: Denny Burk)

Andy Naselli offers some insights from Peter Adam’s book on biblical spirituality, entitled “Six Personalities that Deflect God’s Word.”

Finally, don’t forget to root for the UConn men’s and women’s basketball programs as they attempt to become the only school to win the national championship for each sport in the same year- again (the first being in 2004).

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Christian Carnival CCLXX

Just letting everyone know that you can check out Christian Carnival CCLXX.

Included in the carnival is Cousin Jeremy’s post entitled “It’s Not About You.”  I read it this morning and thought it was excellent.  So go check it out.

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