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Welcome to Boston Bible Geeks!

Welcome to Boston Bible Geeks (or BBG, as we like to call it)!  This is the online home of Brian and Danny, two Boston area guys occasionally referred to as “Bible geeks,” hence, BBG.  This post serves as an introduction and a quick, guided tour of the site.


The objective of this site can be found in our mission statement: We are a website devoted to equipping and edifying Christians around the world to understand God’s Word more fully, and thoughtfully apply it to their daily lives and cultural context.  We hope to accomplish this in many different ways: posting on specific Bible passages and their interpretation, reflecting on how we can apply Scripture in our lives and communities, reviewing books that may prove helpful to Christians, discussing hymns and worship songs that we find particularly instructive, commenting on current cultural trends or events, etc.


Both Brian and Danny have had blogs in the past, but quite frankly, we found it takes two of us to generate the content of one competent blogger.  We trust this will work in our favor by taking away the pressure to publish frequently at the expense of quality content.  Moreover, we hope to give you our different perspectives on the Bible and church life.  Note also that our goal isn’t simply to put thoughts up on the internet for people to read, but for our readers to interact with God’s Word and what we’ve written in order to enrich all of us.  (In other words, leave comments!)


There are a couple distinct features we hope will be helpful to our readers.  First, every month we will select a Resource of the Month (RoTM…no more acronyms, promise), which can be found at the top of the page.  The Resource of the Month may be a website we find helpful, a book that is particularly useful, a sermon series that our readers may enjoy, and so on.  Throughout the month we will interact with that resource in hopes that we can all be edified.  Check out Brian’s first RoTM post here.


Second, also at the top of the page, you’ll find a tab entitled “Articles.”  This section consists of something we have written that we feel is worthy of “permanence” that doesn’t come naturally to a regular blog post.  If you read something we’ve written that you feel belongs in the Articles section, please let us know.


Third, you’ll notice all sorts of links to the right.  We’ve tried to break these down into easily navigable sections.  Our goal is to include links that are particularly helpful to our readers, not to include everything on the internet that could fit into one of those categories.  If you feel we are missing something, let us know and we’ll check it out.  Please note: including a link on these lists does not mean we necessarily agree with or endorse everything contained therein.  It’s just that we have found them to stimulate thoughtful interaction with the Bible, Church or theology.


Finally, you’ll notice that a number of our posts will arise from teaching in our church.  We will do our best to write in a way that those who attend different fellowships can be edified.  But we also don’t apologize for gearing what we write for those in our community.  We are unashamedly pro-local church, and see ourselves as servants to Christ’s body, specifically those with whom we have covenanted to share life.  While there is a temptation in the internet age to replace real, physical community with a virtual one, we do not want this site to encourage such behavior.  This site is meant to complement the Church, not replace it.


We hope you find BBG a place where you are encouraged, challenged and taught.  This is a first for us, so we welcome your feedback (just e-mail us: bostonbiblegeeks at gmail).  Thanks for stopping by; we hope you stick around!

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Tim Tennent easily makes my list of the top 5 academic lecturers I’ve ever heard.  I had the pleasure of taking his Introduction to World Missions class in the winter of 2006, and much of his teaching still echoes in my head today.

Dr. Tennent has several classes up on BiblicalTraining.org, some of which are yet to be completed (e.g., missing lectures from Buddhism).  The content here is excellent, with a few limitations intrinsic to the medium:  (1)  The audio quality can be muddled from time to time, and it’s next to impossible to hear any questions from the class.  (2)  Some of these lectures (e.g., Buddhism) appear to have been recorded on tape, as such, there is an obvious point where the engineer had to switch tapes, resulting in some gaps in the lectures.  (3)  You’ll miss out on any visuals that Dr. Tennent provides.  This can be disappointing, since we all know the value of a picture to describe something (e.g., Buddhist iconography)  You’ll have to dig through Wikipedia or the like for visual aids.  (4)  Since there are no handouts, you’ll have to guess on the spelling of certain principles and beliefs, and doubly-so since there are often many variations on tranlisteration of foreign languages.

Please don’t let the shortcomings above scare you away, however.  Any one of these lectures is still immensely informative.  Tennent lectures with all the relevance, clarity and humility that make him one of my all time favorites.  I especially appreciate his ability to keep his lectures from mere academic exercises. He  always grounds his material in practical matters; what you’ll see every day “on the street,” as it were.

All this, and the price of admission is simply your time, which will be well-spent indeed.  Check him out, and send me your thanks later :)

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